Herding Cats?

Managing a real estate brokership or team often feels like Herding Cats.

The vast majority of brokers and team owners lack the tools and systems to cross the chasm from their previously successful active Agent role to their managing Owner role.

Their primary challenge is effectively managing a typically part-time workforce of highly-independent contractor Agents who in turn struggle to herd their Leads and Client relationships into closed transactions.




The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is to build a business that passively generates over $1 million per year in net income.

Brokers and team owners typically have limited ongoing visibility to accurately project income, how many agents they realistically need to attain their goals, which of their costly marketing vehicles actually deliver the maximum return on investment and how to hold their agents accountable.

They are all-to-often flying blind.


MEGAfy Mission

MEGAfy’s mission is to empower our clients to build their businesses to passively generate over $1 million per year in net income. We maximize our clients’ net income with our seamless CRM,  Lead Management, Decision Support and Projecting Accounting application.

MEGAfy® delivers the best-practices models and systems championed in the best-selling Millionaire Real Estate Agent book through a remarkably-elegant, iPhone®-simple interface that ensures rapid user adoption for all team members.