We need your help to deliver MEGAfy to market this year. We're offering significant Rewards in return for your support. Please watch our MEGAfy Story, 5 Minute Demo & Testimonial videos and attend any of our MEGAfy demo webinars to validate joining our MEGAfy tribe makes sense for your organization.

What's MEGAfy?

MEGAfy is an iPhone-easy CRM and Sales Management system designed specifically for real estate Brokers and Team Owners to optimally manage their organizations.

MEGAfy's engaging, easy-to-learn and highly-efficient user interface gently guides EVERY team member to effectively manage their time, relationships and sales processes. Thus generating their organizations greater Net Income.

Watch the MEGAfy 5 Minute Demo below. Check the live demo schedule here to attend one of our many full live webinar MEGAfy Demos. Note you can view the MEGAfy video demo at full resolution at http://www.screencast.com/t/mn4bV3hRIH.

Who is MEGAfy?

The MEGAfy development team is composed of 5 developers with over 120 years of combined enterprise software development experience and 200+ successful product launches. All team members are MEGAfy equity owners and have developed MEGAfy to its current state without cash compensation.

Our Advisors include many of the top Coaches, Trainers, Brokers and Agents in the country including our VP of Coaching Alliances, Amy Stoehr who previously served 12 years as Executive Vice President of Star Power Systems.

We are committed to the ongoing delivery of “Purple Cow” CRM and Sales Management systems that deliver ever-increasing, measurable Return on Investment for our Clients. We are dedicated followers of Seth Godin's Purple Cow, Tribes, etc. marketing strategies. We believe investing in world-class interface-design, engineering, customer service and our valued Clients is the most cost-effective marketing approach to grow the MEGAfy Tribe.

Some of the many reasons why MEGAfy is better than the alternatives

  • Easy-to-learn and highly-efficient interface enables every team member to effectively manage their time, relationships and sales processes.
  • Anytime, Anywhere, AnyDevice Access - full access to client database when no internet connection available.
  • Highly-responsive with near real-time data access.
  • Transparent synchronization between client database(s) and main MEGAfy Cloud database.
  • Organization and team driven with Roles, Responsibilities, Organizations, Permissions, etc.
  • Robust, integrated Organizational Calendaring and Email.
    Maintaining separate CRM, Calendaring and Email clients typically results in “multiple versions of the truth” and poor CRM adoption rates, resulting in low CRM ROI.
  • Best-practices Sales Management built on best-selling Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) principles.
  • Proactive Accountability and Coaching.
  • Integrated web browser to display in-context web data and transparently integrate with partner applications like MailChimp, iContact, etc.


Why MEGAfy needs your Contribution and How we will Spend it?

We need your help to deliver MEGAfy to market. The Windows and Apple Macintosh desktop versions of MEGAfy are currently in Alpha testing. However significant work is required to deliver a fully tested commercial release along with the Apple iPad and Android tablet versions. We appreciate that CRM is a mission-critical system for our Clients and won’t ever put their businesses at risk without a bullet-proof general release.

Our Agile Project Plan estimates an additional 1200 man hours are required to complete the desktop versions, MEGAfy Client/Cloud database synchronization, Database Import facilities and online Help. An additional estimated 500 hours is required to deliver the Apple iPad, Android and Microsoft Surface tablet and SmartPhone versions.

All monies raised will go towards funding our crack engineering team to deliver our MEGAfy vision to market this year. About 10% of the monies raised will also go to fund underlying licensing , hosting and infrastructure fees.

We plan to raised traditional Equity capital upon MEGAfy’s launch to fund continued development and support since we realize our initial User base will be composed of Contributors who’ve already pre-paid for their MEGAfy services. A successful MEGAfy Crowdfunding Campaign will validate the MEGAfy opportunity for traditional Equity Investors.


What do I get out of becoming a part of this project?

All Funders will receive MEGAfy service equal to nearly 5 times their contribution and the opportunity to be on the ground floor of fundamentally transforming the real estate industry. Most importantly, they’ll finally get a system to effectively manage their businesses, time and leads.


Why should I back you?

You should back us because we are committed to much more than just delivering the MEGAfy service as specified. MEGAfy's ulimate mission is to help maximize our valued Client's Net Income. We are building a complete ecosystem of Content Providers, Coaches, Trainers and integrated synergistic  Application Partnerships to ensure maximum client success and Return on Investment.